Radical Markets – Groundbreaking new work of political economy. Shows how we could design new systems in major aspects of society that would make us all better off. See book review.

Seeing Like a State – Required reading for anyone with grandiose hopes or visions of making the world a better place. In Seeing Like a State, Yale political science professor James C. Scott gives a detailed history of how nation states have attempted to streamline the world in order to make it more administrable, often abusing their subjects in the process. Honestly, this book should be considered of paramount for a modern day political science understanding.

Superintelligence – Seminal work on dangers due to advanced artificial intelligence. If you’ve heard of this but haven’t read it, you may have wrongly discounted the idea. If you’ve read the book, well, you’re free to think what you want.

Inadequate Equillibria – Sometimes, the Nash Equillibria are inadequate in providing what we really want, such as happiness. Read this to understand why.

Sapiens – In Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari paints human history in broad strokes in order to illustrate trends others might not have picked up on. Some of my major takeaways here: agriculture really led to a decline in quality of life, and man was the introduction of debt a good thing.