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Why did I call this blog Many Fox Given?

For starters, with an awesome name like Fox, you pretty much have to pun off of it. Hence the original, fantastic blog name – Fox News. Unfortunately, this name presented me with a few problems. First, I had to contend with the fact that a certain corporation owns all the domain names related to “Fox News” – go figure. Second, I had the much more realistic issue of my high likelihood of growing enormously popular and inevitably being sued by such corporation.

With Fox News out of the running, I set off in search of other fox related puns. And as any Google search of “fox puns” will show you, the Internet’s favorite fox-related fact is that fox sounds like “fucks”. From there, it’s a short click to “images”, and you end up with a million cute fox cartoons proudly declaring “zero fox given”.

You have to admit it's pretty cute
You have to admit it's pretty cute

And I almost ran with it! zerofoxgiven.io is available, and it really does have a nice ring to it. Luckily, I stopped myself before clicking buy.

I say luckily because the truth is, I actually do give a lot of fucks! If you know me, you’ll agree that giving fucks is a pretty defining feature of my identity. From excessive college costs to restrictive housing policy, the superiority of approval voting to an almost spiritual hope for humanity’s future among the stars, I care about a lot of things! I’m really glad I thought twice before purchasing that domain name, because it would have been much harder to spin a title about not caring into a blog on positive ideas for society.

In other words, for now I have a cheesy name for this blog that I’m pretty happy with, and I got a free post out of it, too. Furthermore, I estimate only a 40% chance my future self is embarassed by the earnestness of this piece. Win, win, win!

So, here’s to giving more Fox in the future, because our future is worth giving many Fox about!